--> Character Selection

Making access to the Characters, the ability to identify with a Character, as easy as possible.

the Characters

Bring in the Entire World. All-inclusive.

Nehanda sub-Saharan Africa

Saditha Middle East, Muslim world

China” China and the Orient, an antidote for the CCP materialism culture

Tom The military: for conservatives, for materialism die-hards

Sheryl Native Peoples, the Custodial Ancestors of the Continents of the world, the world’s Original Land Ancestry

Carlos Latin culture, Central and South America

ANY CHANCE of an ADOPTEE from Asia or Africa?? If so, any character who is an adoptee will have Christian adoptive parents. This story line will become critical in the episode titled Jerusalem and the Jewel of Abraham. When and if that episode is produced, having a Character who is an adoptee from either Asia or Africa will be pertinent if not central. We will also learn something very interesting about Saditha’s heritage, information that will not appear in the original book, although maybe we can allude to that hidden information. Foreshadowing whets the appetite.

The purpose of this exercise, the selection of Characters, is to make the story all-inclusive and accessible to all. That’s why I decided the mythology of the Academy must have a China character, although mixed heritage is a possibility, some blend of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Tibetan. We’ll see. Most white Americans are Euro-mutts, why not have a character who is an East Asia mutt. That heritage would maximize ability for people in that part of the world to access, and identify with, the story.

each Character’s Archetype

Bring balance. Bring balancing aspects.

Nehanda a Type 5: thoughtful, reflective, not impulsive. Methodical.

Saditha a Type 9 perhaps, although I originally had her as a Type 1, because the Feminine in the Middle East badly needs fire energy, power

China” this character has not spoken yet, doesn’t have a name yet, but she will.

Tom military veterans are typically male, warrior, martial type (Type 1). So what shall we make him? Hmm? Type 2 like Carlos? Type 4? Type 6?

Sheryl how about a Type 8? breathe fire into Native Culture, Ancestral Culture that can’t be timid any longer. the best of Old Soul culture.

Jimmy Looks Twice, Thunderheart, is a Type 1, so far Sheryl is a Type 1 or at least she has lots of fire and spunk

Carlos why a Type 2? provide balance for a U.S. culture that is renegade and wildly independent (Type 2 is more like a Luke Skywalker than a Han Solo)

Oh, YES, I like the idea of Tom Matthews as a TYPE 6!! The FRIEND!! Oh that really really sounds good to me. Having the U.S. Military be Type 6 in nature is a perfect solution for an institution that has become the world’s police force. Imagine British police in the 1900s. Excellent.

I had a most interesting experience on Monday morning, Sept. 21. I was in the downtown Grass Valley Safeway. In front of me, in line, was a woman who clearly looked Native American. She was wearing a T-shirt that reads 49th Annual Stanford Pow Wow and had additional information and lettering and symbolism printed on it. She was buying many boxes of low-nutritional-quality cereal. Other items as well, but it was the cheap cereal boxes that stood out. Out in the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of her loading the groceries into a minivan in nice condition.

Now that I review that encounter, I have to think of Sheryl, of course. Food addiction. Pride. The escape from hopelessness. Poor food choices. Shopping at the most run-down grocery store in the area. I didn’t see her at the organic food cooperative, or even Raley’s or the much newer Safeway. It was the old decrepit Safeway, the funky old grocery store. Interesting.

In 30 years of living in Grass Valley, this is the first time I believe I have ever seen a person of obvious Native American ancestry. And it was a woman, an elder. Intriguing.