What my dream looks like now

I am a happy man

My life has changed for good. It has changed forever.

A month back, on October 21, a dream story came to me about the journey I am on, including where I’ve been and where I am going.

Bringing you a few select elements from this detailed story, I will mention that midway during the journey I began riding on something which functions like a conveyor belt. Really it is more like a magic moving walkway, a Disney-esque Magic Carpet automatically taking me forward and providing the gift of effortless progress.

The Magic Moving Carpet is a visual symbol for a metaphysical, philosophical concept that I have known for a number of years: Life carries you. Life takes you where you are meant to go. It Comes to You. Life is designed for ease. Life is not designed to be effort, or struggle. You don’t have to fight on your journey. The journey you are meant to take, individual to you and unique to you, is the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance, the path of greatest ease, is your destiny path. That’s the yardstick, the litmus test, for choices and decisions and for directions in which to gaze. The intrusion of joy, pleasure, and delight are the signposts appearing as confirmation that you are on the right track towards your personal destiny.

In the Oct. 21 story, the moving walkway I am riding follows the track of an airport runway. I am being carried to the far end of this runway. The runway is easily long enough and strong enough to be comparable to a supersized runway from any major military air base or advanced-design metropolitan airport, e.g. Denver. The runway might well be brand new: it is possible that it has never been used.

Off in the distance, at the far end of the runway, I see an immense transport aircraft. From this distance, scale can’t be absolutely perfectly discerned. However, a close-up of the craft appears later in the dream story, and it appears to be in the size category of some of the largest aircraft ever built, like the Russian AN-124-100 pictured here.

My particular destiny vehicle in this dream imagery is similar in general appearance to a Lockheed Hercules or that Antonov Ruslan. The wing position and the engines, for example. But there the similarity ends. The Beast Aircraft is unique, that much is clear. It is clearly different from any existing aircraft. One-of-a-kind.

Mystery surrounds dream stories and, as is often the case, it takes awhile for the symbol to take on meaning. When the context and meaning of this story finally hit me, I realized I now possess undeniable imagery of my calling and my future.

The Beast is a physical symbol for my Message Delivery Vessel. Like the Lockheed and Antonov aircraft, its purpose is delivering a load. The Book and Movie are being designed to deliver a message far and wide: that message is my world view and story universe. For all intents and purposes, that immense aircraft being constructed, prepared, and perfected to eventually take off from an overbuilt virgin runway is the image my subconscious mind has created to give me clear evidence of the path that my life’s work is taking me down.

Why an air transport vehicle? Because books and movies are airy constructs, mental devices. Books and movies are instruments for the mind, which is air. The cargo they transport is the story material they contain, which is food for the mind.

Direct daily contact with my magical calling is now taking place. My magical story world is constantly in my awareness now.

November 2020 is an intense month. Intense for all the obvious well-known reasons, but also November is the height of food season. At work it’s been all-hands-on-deck. We have been working our tushies off, all kinds of overtime and unfamiliar, late-notice work assignments. So November has been packed, both personally and professionally.

The good news is that I feel so much closeness with my story world and my Monster aircraft that I have been feeling confident, calm and happy. My confidence in myself and in my ability to carry out this project has never been stronger, thanks in no small part to the October 21 dream story.

What inspires me and brings constant joy and happiness when intensity abounds? What keeps bringing me back to focus on my destiny when I am working crazy hours? On the road as a truck driver, working nights and sleeping days and living with wacky work schedules, I live by my alarm clock. The music for my alarms comes from orchestral soundtracks from science fiction movies like Star Wars, Back To The Future, and these days, The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

You wouldn’t think that anything from the Pluto Nash movie would inspire me, but it does. This obscure Eddie Murphy production was designated a commercial flop, but I am in love with it. The central story is terrible, probably the reason for the lack of commercial success, but it has so many brilliant elements. John Powell's Main Title soundtrack, story elements like John Cleese’s car and freeway construction project visuals (imaginative versions of how they would look on the Moon), the unique creative font for billboards and for movie credits, this little gem. It is a gold mine for a science fiction author and movie producer.

Ok, you listened to the soundtrack clip, and it doesn’t speak to you. Hey, it’s not my usual thing either, but what can I say. It fires me up. Whatever works, you go with it.

My story universe, my destiny, the book-and-movie project, my calling, my dream work. An image of an immense one-of-a-kind transport aircraft on a runway. It’s all one thing. And it’s moving right along.